Monday, July 16, 2012

Recent TV programs about obesity in the US, the UK and France

The Weight of A Nation was aired in May 14/15 on HBO. It's interesting and a little worrying to look at the stats of viewers on YouTube: 1.5 million saw the trailer, 105K watched the first part, 48K the second part, 34K part 3 (devoted to children), 24K part 4. Diminishing audience...
The men who made us fat is a BBC2 documentary by Jacques Peretti aired in June but unfortunately it is not available (for now?) in the US. Parts are available on YouTube. Now (July 20) the 12 episodes are available :)
A French documentary Les Alimenteurs was aired on June 10 on France 5 channel. Maybe available in dvd later? Practice your French and learn about the issues in France.
It is interesting to see 3 different programs on the obesity epidemic aired in 3 different countries at the same time: a common concern, dans l'air du temps...

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